Case Study: Schoolwires

Schoolwires Case Study

It starts with an idea. Then it turns into a concept. A plan is made; refined; changed and changed again and again and again.

In the frenetic, sky’s-the-limit environment of the Dot Com era ideas skeetered about everywhere. Most of the technological advances promised were just that— just promises. It was an intensely competitive time. To create a brand from an idea in an entirely new market segment and help mold a startup into a nation-leading reality it took a partnership of incredible determination. Not only would a brand need to be created, a whole new market segment had to be defined to investors, governmental entities and potential customers simultaneously.

In partnership with the founder of the company, Murphy/Carpenter delivered not only a corporate identity that included several wordmarks and trademarks, but more importantly, a corporate persona was defined that could stand up to the competition from some of the biggest names in computing and education.

Schoolwires was born from the idea of an individual, brought to life by a very small team of true believers and given its corporate identity by Murphy/Carpenter. Virtually every bit of marketing, public relations and investor material was designed and crafted by Murphy/Carpenter. All of the initial collateral that not only defined and shared the dream that Schoolwires promised to deliver to investors and schools was the product of our team. The initial brochure is still viable a decade later. Business plans with industry-defining graphics, proposals, presentations, media releases, biographies, corporate colors, editorial styles, product names, trademarks, business cards, collateral, product specification sheets, direct mail campaigns, sales materials, newsletters, email campaigns, advertisements, terms of service and contracts—were all designed to convey the overarching message of competence and leadership from a company driven by vision.

Rarely does an entity so embrace the value delivered by complete branding as did Schoolwires. To suggest that branding was everything to their success would be silly, to discount its contribution would be a mistake. We helped the Schoolwires team define their persona and their future—they delivered on the promises they made based upon a dream. That’s a partnership. There is so much more to the story… we invite you to ask.

We helped them define their persona and their future—they delivered on the promises they made based upon a dream. That’s a partnership.

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